Why Choose Us


WMI is completely independent and has no affiliations or ties to any financial services firm. This allows WMI to provide advice to its clients that is free from third party conflicts of interest.


WMI operates under the fiduciary standard of care. This requires WMI to act solely in our client’s best interest when offering financial advice. As such, WMI does not accept commissions or kickbacks from any financial services firm for financial products that it may recommend to its clients. WMI receives compensation exclusively from its clients. For this reason, the Fee-Only method of compensation is the most transparent and objective for investors.

Comprehensive / Complete

A comprehensive plan should include a detailed review of a client’s financial situation, goal discussion, risk assessment and appropriate investments to achieve their goals. Any financial planner that manages money without providing their clients a financial plan is doing them a disservice.

Registered Investment Advisor

WMI is an independent Financial Planning and Wealth Management Company that is registered with the PA Banking and Securities Commission.